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Moose-Foliage Tours

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Fall is the most beautiful season in the western mountains of Maine. Warm days lead to cool nights that still echo with the calls of loons. Photography opportunities abound as late September approaches..... the foliage nears its peak and the moose enter mating season.

During the fall season, starting from mid-September to early October tours of the Rangeley region are available on either a full or half-day basis and are scheduled to your convenience. Full day tours offer the opportunity to search for moose along with visits to scenic spots with views of the foliage.


Full day tours: $150.00 per person

Half day tours: $75.00 per person

Half day tours can be geared towards either moose photography or scenic photography trips depending on your preference.

No refunds within 30 days of tour date. A rebooking credit with no expiration date will be issued for the full amount of the tour.

No refunds in the event of a cancellation due to weather before or during the tour. Half day workshop includes beverages and snacks. Full day work shop includes snacks, lunch and beverages. I limit the maximum group size to four because that is the number of people I can transport. am more than willing to take larger groups but some people will have to provide their own transportation.

What to bring

For moose photo trips, either a 35mm or digital camera with interchangeable lenses and manual exposure controls, lenses in the 200 to 400mm range and wider angle lenses for environmental shots. Rain covers or large trash bags to cover camera gear if necessary are recommended. A tripod will be helpful. For scenic trips bring wide angle and standard lenses, if you have macro lenses definitely bring them along with a cable release.

We may end up walking through some wet areas so either rubber or waterproofed boots are recommended.

When searching for moose consider ither camouflage or dark clothing (browns and greens are fine). It may be cool in the mornings or later in the day so bringing some warm clothing is advisable along with rain gear.

If you have any questions please do  not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you!!