Loon Photography Workshops

Join me to explore the world of the Rangeley Region's most seen and heard avian resident.

          Common Loons abound here in the spring, summer and fall months as they claim nesting territories, breed and raise their young on the lakes and ponds of the area. Depending on the length of your trip we will visit more remote sites further away from Rangeley or stay closer to home to find loon photographic opportunities. All care will be taken not to disturb these magnificent aquatic birds as they go about their daily lives. With that in mind I keep the number of trip participants at two to three people so not to pressure the birds, particularly during the nesting season.

             I have been photographing Common Loons in the Rangeley area and across Maine for over a decade now and have come to truly appreciate these magnificent aquatic birds. 

             Common Loon photography trips are offered regularly every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from June 1 through September 30. 

             If you are hoping to photograph the loons with chicks, I would recommend booking a trip from early July onwards. In the Rangeley area it is reasonable to expect loon chicks to hatch around that time. However, that is dependent on water levels and other factors. I regularly monitor ponds and lakes in the Rangeley area for loon pairs with chicks. Please feel free to contact me for updates.

Rates and schedules

Full day.....$225.00 per person group rate, $300 individual rate

The full day trip starts early in the morning to take advantage of early morning light. We will travel from Rangeley to lakes and/or ponds with a remote feel. As much time as possible will be spent on the water in either canoe or kayaks observing and photographing either loons either individually or in family and social groups. All ground transportation, boats and life vests and lunch are included. Lunch will be at an easily accessible location.

Half day....$125 per person group rate, $150 individual rate

Half day trips can be scheduled to take advantage of either morning or late day light on lakes or ponds closer to Rangeley. Boats, life vests, ground transport and snacks are included. Common Loons often engage in social behavior at these times of day so there can be some interesting photographic opportunities.

Two hour trips....$65 per person, $85 individual rate

Two hour trips are best scheduled in the early morning or evening. We will travel to small ponds in the immediate Rangeley area to maximize time on the water with the loons and take advantage of the good light.

What to bring:

Digital camera body that accepts interchangeable lenses, fixed or zoom lenses in the 200mm to 500mm range, extra cards and batteries. Smaller wide angle lenses can also be helpful to capture loons in their environment or capture any scenic shots in the areas we travel to. A rain coat and pants are also recommended as  showers and thunderstorms can occur in the summer months. Appropriate footwear, preferably water shoes of some sort are a good idea as well. Please remember to bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle.