Bird Photography Workshops


Bird life abounds in Rangeley starting in spring when the migrants arrive for the summer until fall when they pass through on their way south.

Join me for either a half or full-day workshop aimed at teaching the techniques of bird photography. These workshops are open to all levels but a basic knowledge of photography is recommended. Our day will begin before sunrise as the birds become active in the early morning light.

Dates for 2020 Bird Photography Workshops

May 24 and 31, June 13, July 4 and 11

Half day rate: $125 per person

Full day rate: $225 per person

No refunds within 30 days of tour date. A rebooking credit with no expiration date will be issued for the full amount of the tour. No refunds in the event of a cancellation due to weather before or during the tour.

Half day workshop includes beverages and snacks. Full day work shop  includes snacks, lunch and beverages.

If none of the above dates work for you please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to schedule a workshop that is convenient for you.

I limit the maximum group size to four because that is the number of people I can transport. am more than willing to take larger groups but some people will have to provide their own transportation.

What to bring:

35mm or digital camera with interchangeable lenses and manual exposure controls, lenses in the 200 to 400mm range and teleconverters if you have them. Rain covers or large trash bags to cover camera gear if necessary are recommended. Flashes are not required but if you have one feel free to bring it.

Dress in clothing that is not white or brightly colored..they make you more noticeable and exaggerate movement that will most likely spook the birds. Think colors that will blend in or camouflage. Bring clothing that is comfortable and appropriate to the weather conditions. Rain gear is highly recommended just in case. Footwear should be in good condition and broken in...nothing ruins a day on the field quicker than a blister.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for visiting!!

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